How We Work

Our business is ideas but Red Studio's strength is turning an idea into reality, we know how to bridge the gap between the conceptual and the physical, we know how things go together. We are practical, very hands on and will stay with a project through all its stages until we are shown the door.

Who We Are

Nigel James Mac-Fall
Nigel James Mac-Fall
Furniture Designer
Thinks sideways and has a passion for making stuff.Chiswick, LondonW4 1UD
Andrea MacfallAndrea Mac-Fall
Interior Designer
Absurdly gifted, multi linguist with a brain the size of a planet.
Sarah BarkerSarah Barker
Interior Designer
Extraordinary, uncompromising visionary who extends the bounds of creativity.
Ellen SmithEllen Smith
Vivacious, consummate professional and an avid hiker, sees our books stay on the right path.

Our Inspiration

"Wonderful things!"