posted / 31st December 2013
Listen Here For Wonderful Music
The Barkers continue to amaze us, we know Jon is a highly talented violinist but this latest virtuoso performance is worthy of Menuhin at his most mature. We particularly appreciated the spontaneity of the piece, which gave an added zest to the underlying themes of this remarkable composition. Jon’s masterly fingering of his instrument during those complicated cadenza’s, where he weaves the two prolonged C minor chords was sublime.

Sarah leading the accompanying wind section must also be singled out for high praise. The kazoo, very often looked down upon as a toy, is in fact a highly sophisticated instrument and difficult to play properly. With the authority of the consummate professional Sarah shows us how it’s done, she controls the oscillating air pressure of her delicate voice to make the kazoo’s membrane vibrate to an ecstatic timbral crescendo leaving this listener in a heavenly trance.

Now for the composition itself, what a treat! Yes, it’s a Fugue and the piece is based on the haunting rhythms of the Lyle hymn but just look what the Barkers have done with it. Monk’s famous tune, “Eventide” has been woven into a rich tapestry as violin and kazoo transform Lyle’s famous words into pure ballet.

The Barkers have created a masterpiece, this work must now surely rank them alongside the other immortal “B’s”- Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Berlioz, Bruckner .............

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